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Milestones! Incentive Travel Programs
Are you ready to implement a first class, cost-effective, incentive program that will inspire everyone to become a top performer?

Milestones! gives you the ability to do just that, and more! We will craft a program for you that motivates your people to achieve their personal best while meeting and exceeding company expectations. We will also help you establish quotas and coordinate the program.

Well, how about where to go? That’s the fun part. First stop: Milestones! Based on your input about which destinations appeal to you – at home or abroad - we give you choices that fit your criteria and budget. You choose! It’s that simple!

Milestones! will produce for your attendees the memories of a lifetime! Whether dining on the Great Wall of China, attending an exclusive masked ball in Venice, or dancing on the deck of a private yacht in the Mediterranean, your guests will form lifelong friendships. Your winners create a self-sustaining core group of achievers who motivate each other year after year to attain the incentive goals.

Companies offering customer appreciation programs will have the opportunity to enhance the quality of their relationships while increasing the value of the partnerships. The goodwill earned, while intangible, will serve as the basis for a successful long-term association. They will associate you and your company with success, achievement and wonderful experiences.

Travel with us in style while staying in budget! Let Milestones! create for you and your guests the ultimate “WOW” experience.

We can ::

Help you design the perfect motivational incentive program
Plan trips to unique locations, such as cruising the Yangtze
And stay within your budget.



Recognition &

Site Selection &


Custom Employee Recognition Programs  from Milestone Enterprises

We can train your team to create better meetings.

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