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Meeting Planning
Milestones! is the difference between a ho-hum meeting and a WOW! experience.

Perhaps you feel that your last off-site meeting didnít produce the results you were expecting?  At Milestones! we understand the need to provide a return on the time, cost and effort you invest in a meeting. Let us train your staff so they can create the best meetings possible.

Let Milestones! help you achieve and surpass the expectations of future  meetings.  We plan, budget and coordinate programs to produce the maximum results for our clients. We can also work with you on creating and developing the content for your next meeting.

With or without the luxury of an in-house planner, the logistics involved in producing a high-caliber event may strain company resources and produce undesirable results.  Do any of these sound familiar?  "Why isn't my Power Point presentation working?"  "Did you make sure the catering department knows Bill canít eat eggs?Ē  "Why did we pay $800 for a coffee break for 20 people?"

Often, it is the busy administrative staff who takes on these duties. While planning may not seem complicated at first, many important aspects are sometimes overlooked.  With Milestones! these situations just donít occur! Thatís why you need our experience and expertise.  Remember!  Milestones! event is the difference between a ho-hum meeting and a WOW! experience.

Details can make or break a meeting -- let us help.We can ::

Banish ho-hum meetings
Plan, budget and coordinate your meetings
Take the stress out of meeting planning.


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Custom Employee Recognition Programs  from Milestone Enterprises

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